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Leco 1800E

Leco 1800E

Leco 1800E 

The Leco 1800E cold aerosol ULV generator sets the standard for professional equipment. An 18 HP engine combined with the powerful features you demand make the Leco 1800E the ideal choice for the big, tough jobs.

The Leco 1800E is the tool professionals can count on to tackle a wide variety of needs. Top performance and a competitive price combine to make it a perfect choice for professionals in mosquito control, public health, and odour control.

With application rates up to 18 ounces (530 ml) per minute, the Leco 1800E is a great choice for applying insecticides, fungicides and odour control products.

Brochure with Specifications and Standard Power features


LECO 1800E Setup *



                                                                                                                                    * Model shown is the WHO unit


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