Pyrocide® Mosquito Adulticide ULV Extra Strength Concentrate

Pyrocide Mosquito Adulticide ULV Extra Strength Concentrate is a high concentration (11.8% active constituent) formulation that is great for larger programs, particularly those that use modern truck mounted application equipment. Pyrocide is available in 5 Litre bottles, and using an oil-based diluent, operators can adjust the spray mix to a wide range of concentrations to suit all situtations.  The Natural Pyrethrins give excellent flushing and knock-down characteristics, short persistence, and rapid breakdown in sunlight.  With a label rate of 24ml/Ha, one small, 5 Litre bottle, can treat over 208 hectares of area.

Twilight® ULV Mosquito Adulticide Concentrate

It's the dawn of a whole new era in adult mosquito control. Twilight® ULV Mosquito Adulticide Concentrate is a highly effective adulticide exclusive to Pacific BioLogics and it sets the standard that all the others to come will be measured against.  A highly concentrated formulation with as little as 15ml/Ha application rates, Twilight is a very economic choice for any mosquito control program.  With its extremely low mammalian toxicity and easy to use 5 Litre containers, Twilight ULV Mosquito Adulticide Concentrate truly is the new dawn in adulticiding.


Range Paraffin Oil 20 Litre

Range Paraffin oil has no additives and is a 100% refined mineral oil with the same CAS number as the oil used to formulate Pacific Biologics’ adulticides. This means that the range oil is the perfect diluent to use with Twilight and Pyrocide for all your space spraying applications. 


Flushing Solutions

ULV Flushing Solution

ULV Flushing Solution

ULV Flushing Solution when run through your spray machines’ flush tank, flushes and cleans all lines, seals, glands and pumps in the system. After use, an oily residue is left behind that protects rubber O-rings and fibrous gland washers in chemical pumps which reduces blockages and leaks.