Nutritional Products


24.7 Smartrace Adult Sheep

A sustained release bolus containing iodine, cobalt, selenium and Zinc. Intended for all classes sheep with a liveweight over 40 kg.  24·7 SMARTRACE® ADULT SHEEP is designed for consistent long term supplementation of essential trace elements such as iodine, cobalt, selenium and Zinc in order to maximise production efficiencies and minimise production losses related to trace element deficiencies.  One easy oral dose provides consistent delivery for each animal, with re-treatment schedule of 6 months.  Give your flock the support they need to produce for your farm.
24·7 SMARTRACE® ADULT SHEEP supplies the animal’s full daily requirement of each essential trace element and provides peace of mind.  No residue after treatment period with fully eroding bolus, delivering consistently all day every day with nil withholding periods.