Nutritional Products

All-Trace Trace Element Bolus for Cattle Approved Product 11620AP BFA Registered Product

All-Trace Trace Element Bolus for Cattle

All-Trace boluses aid in the prevention of trace element deficiencies in cattle. All-Trace delivers a continuous, regular supply of vitamins and trace elements for 240 days. There is no more guess work in mixing rations for free feeding, all animals receive their daily requirements.

Organic, beef and dairy producers now have access to an approved “all in one” nutritional supplement to assist in addressing the nutritional demands of their cattle.

All-Trace Trace Element Boluses for Cattle have been available on the Australian market for over 10 years. We are now pleased to advise that as of August 2013, this product is certified with the BFA as an approved input for organic production.

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Agrimin 24.7 Copper Sustained Release Boluses for Cattle

A sustained release waxed base bolus containing copper, intended for growing cattle and breeding cows on grass or forage based diets. No capsule means no breakages or damage prior to or during administration

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